Charlotte, North Carolina | January 2020

 The Miss North Carolina Earth USA Pageant

will take place on

January 3rd - 4th, 2020 

Click here to become a contestant or inquire about details.



Duke Energy Theatre

at Spirit Square

345 North College St.

Charlotte, NC 28202


January 3

- Orientation and Interview

January 4

- Rehearsals and Pageant


$68 Refundable Application Fee*. Apply Now

$300 State Entry Fee

*Every Contestant Must Apply Through The National Website


State competitions are divided into equally scored categories. These categories are designed to model after the national and international expectations of the Miss Earth competition as well as desired attributes of the winners. The judging panel will be announced in the weeks prior to the competition, consisting of experienced and unbiased members of the Communication, Entertainment, Fitness, Beauty, and/or Business fields.

  • 20% each: Environmental Activity, Photo, Interview, Swimwear, Gown

  • Finalists compete in On-Stage Question to determine Winner. Depending on the number of state candidates, all participants may be asked the on-stage question


Additional details are provided to delegates. Each delegate will conduct her own environmental event, project or campaign and document this in the weeks prior to the state contest. Activities are not judged, simply given a completion score.


A professional photo will be evaluated by judges. Photographs are also compared to the delegates during interview to ensure photos are not out of date or drastically edited. Score will be based on candidate's photogenic qualities as well as beauty in person


Each delegate will have a panel interview lasting 3-4 minutes. This is the chance for the judges to get to know each delegate personally. The judges will not have a bio; instead, each delegate will have approximately 30 seconds to introduce herself to the judging panel at the onset of the interview. Delegates should wear her own choice of professional and trendy dress, skirt set, or pant set. Each delegate will be judged on her ability to fulfill a titleholder’s responsibilities. Judges will assign a score based on communication skills, personality, personal appearance, sense of accomplishment, and goals within her title. Delegates will not be scored on their opinions or personal beliefs.


Delegates will wear her own choice of one or two-piece swimwear. Delegate should provide her own nude, clear or crystal/rhinestone stilettos. Each delegate will be evaluated on her overall physical health and lifestyle. She will be judged on her level of confidence necessary to be a titleholder. Judges will assign a score based on the delegate’s physical fitness, confidence, composure, and display of drive, energy and charisma.


Each delegate will wear her own choice of evening gown, which must touch the floor and must be age appropriate. Each delegate will be assessed on her poise, grace, and commanding stage presence. Each delegate will be judged on her total look. Judges will assign a score based on the delegate’s beauty, carriage and grace, personality, and stage presence, as well as her sense of style.


Each delegate will be asked one question while wearing her evening gown. The answer should be approximately 30 seconds. The same question will be asked in each division. Scoring will be based on this answer combined with the judge's overall impression of the delegate throughout the competition. The delegate must be charismatic, articulate, impactful, able to handle the pressure of large crowds, and must answer the question asked.

Courtyard Charlotte Center City

Discounted Booking Available Until 12/4



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Do you represent "Beauties for a Cause?" Are you ready to earn a title with one of the Top International pageants? Women age 5-59 are invited to apply for Miss Earth USA, official preliminary to Miss Earth.


To refer a woman you believe is a great fit for Miss Earth USA, become a sponsor, or other general questions, use the contact form to the right! 



Amanda Sowards, Executive Director





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